+  Edited and photographed by Iké Udé, author of Style File. Selected as one of Vanity Fair’s 2009, 2012 and 2015 International Best Dressed Originals.  +

ah! the perfection of chic




Age: 45


Astrological Sign: Capricorn


Profession: Private Chef/Driver


Residence: Ashland, NY


Favorite color: Blue


Favorite Fashion Designer: Yves St. Laurent


Favorite Shoe/Accessories Designer: Gucci


Favorite Parfum: Halston 1-12


Favorite Stylish Film: The Women


Favorite Hangout: My house Upstate, New York


Favorite Place/s: Paris, Los Angeles, and Caribbean


Favorite Cocktail: Martini


Who is your style icon? Ralph Lauren, Pierre Cardin, Yves St. Laurent


What item of clothing would you rather starve for? Anything vintage Yves St. Laurent and Pierre Cardin



What is your overall impression of how people dress in general? Too casual to the point of degradation


And what do you recommend that they do otherwise? Look in the mirror

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14 Responses to ah! the perfection of chic

  1. Raymond Childs is a true New Yorker! His sense of fashion suggests a timeless style, which is exquisite and exudes class. This look deserves 5 stars!

  2. john stanley says:

    Raymond Childs is always on point when it comes to style. He never disappoints! 10’s across the board!!!

  3. Susan Fell says:

    Raymond’s style has always been classy. He always look good and the man can cook!!!. 🙂 Yes Lord!! He’s a 10 in my book.

  4. Tyrone says:

    Raymond, (3) Words: Simple, Effortless, Elegance

  5. fashion poetry,,a classic symphony of sophisticated style,,a robust,bold banquet of flair,prepared by Chef Raymond,,,pleasing to the eye and heavenly divine to the hungry appetite of,CHIC,AWESOME,JUST GO ON AND HELP YOURSELF!,,men’s attire. ….and may i say,”Wow………..!”much love, sis,,,,,,

  6. Terrell W. Steen Sr says:

    Simply Elegance!!!!

  7. Ghurron Briscoe says:

    Mr.Raymond Child is dashing? -Dandy ghurron

  8. Janet Amely says:

    As a chef you know that it’s all about the details, presentation and up holding a standard, well that’s Raymond Childs the chef and the man.

  9. Daniel says:

    He really knows how to put together sophistication and elegance in a man. It definitely has a wow effect. I have never used a bowtie since I thought it was outdated -a fashion for lawyers or doctors from decades ago. But now I think different. I wonder where I can get similar bowties with organic patterns (instead of plain colors). Thanks.

  10. Chevon says:

    Such a distinguished gentleman! Love it!

  11. May says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing!!

  12. Voon says:

    Impeccably chic. And what a distinguished and handsome face. Right up there with the likes of Yul Brynner.

  13. He is great! Very original, lots of flair.

  14. jean says:

    Wonderful style and very distinguished! The photo is perfect!

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