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special guest/ GREGORY DELLICARPINI Jr.: talks about his 9th outfit. #9 in ten acts









What items did you use to compose this particular outfit?
This look takes form with a pink shirt from Topshop, dark blue Marc Jacob jeans, a studded belt from Barneys, and a Rocco hat and black patent leather shoes with a blue silk bow from my favorite store on earth, Luisa Via Roma located in the heart of Florence, Italy.



How did you arrive at the decision to compose such an outfit?
I was feeling very Italian today and was daydreaming of when I lived in Florence. The only thing missing from this look is a red Vespa, and perhaps a baguette.



Did you compose this outfit spontaneously or was it planned ahead of time?
I defiantly planned this look and tried to go for a classic Italiano look.



In a scale of 10, how pleased are you with this composition/outfit?
8, I really do like the horizontal lines in the composition and the way the blue in the hat accentuates the blue bow tie on the shoes.



What roles do color, the fit, and integrity of fabric play in this particular outfit?

This look is about details: the subtle blue tones captured by the light on the hat and shoes, the sparkle from the studs on the, and the question “are those ballet shoes?” that pops into the mind of many.



How soon would you repeat/wear this same outfit again?
I will repeat it again when I return to Italy. Which will be hopeful soon.



There is perhaps a spiritual, emotional, intellectual or psychological aspect to what/how we dress. What is your personal experience in relation to this outfit?
This is a great example of the emotion packed into fashion. I was longing for the days when I used to frolic around Italy freely and this look speaks to that sensation.


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  1. sam says:

    LOVE the shoes

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    Thank you Gregory & The Chic Index! g.briscoe

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