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special guest/ ROBIN ASHFORD MACY: designer. #1 in five acts



The ever ebullient, talented beauty, Robin Ashford Macy, is this month’s special guest. The founder and CEO of Vin-T Bikini, Robin’s particular sense of individualistic style is exactly what inspired and informed her to launch her bikini label. Akin to, say, a  bikini-couturier, Robin’s bikinis are fashioned from vintage T-shirts she collects from rock concerts and each bikini—never mass produced—are, like couture, unique as such.

In the course of the next five days, you will experience firsthand, Robin’s stylish sense and sensibility. After all, style is a mode of autobiography.

Thank you,

Iké  Udé /August 15th.
(PS: Robin was once featured in a single post prior to this special, thus I  skipped the regular standardized questionnaire, as it were).


 the interview:

What items did you use to compose this particular outfit?
I love simple wrap dresses, so I picked this print from Searle that would work year round. I didn’t feel like wearing much jewelry, so I added a few bangles.  Shoes by Via Spiga.

How did you find the various items that you are wearing?
I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, so most of my clothing comes from the city.  The dress I found at Searle, shoes at Bloomingdales and the bangles at a vintage shop near St. Marks Place.

How did you arrive at the decision to compose such an outfit?
I was lazy and took the easy way out and wrapped myself up!  I left my hair natural due to the humidity—quick and easy. (By the way, iké took this shot of me while I was talking to Linda from Java Girl on 66th Street).

Where do you normally shop for clothes and accessories?
Vintage and thrift stores, sample sales every so often. I love small boutiques!

How much role does money or the lack thereof play in one’s endeavor to dress very, smart or beautifully?
You don’t need a lot of money to dress smart or beautifully. You need an eye for style.  Although having money to shop freely is always a VERY nice thing.

What special recommendation would give somebody who admires your style but don’t know where or how start?
You may admire someone’s style, but it may not be for you. Style is personality.  I admire many different looks but it doesn’t fit my style.  So, I’d suggest to someone that admires my style to try on clothing that resembles mine.  Get a feel for it and don’t jump into purchasing a whole new look.  Maybe purchase a few pieces and take it from there.

If one were to say, looking at your picture, “I wish can dress like ———you?”
No idea.

As a result of your style, what is your impression of how you are generally perceived in public?
Sophisticated….with a chic bohemian flare…Maybe? Not sure.

And how would rather the public perceive you?
I never thought about that.  I guess I don’t care what people think.

Presently, what do you think accounts for the poor appearances in how people generally dress or don’t dress?
I think there is less effort in the way people look today. I’ll focus on women for this question.  From weight, hair, nails to how a women dresses has gone down hill.  I was walking down 3rd Avenue in the 60’s today and noticed the lack of effort.  All it takes is a little lipstick; simple dress, cute shoes and pin hair back for a nice clean look.  It is hot and humid right now…work with the climate.  Women make excuses and I don’t believe in excuses unless you’re sick.

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9 Responses to special guest/ ROBIN ASHFORD MACY: designer. #1 in five acts

  1. Ana says:

    Robin Ashford Macy is beautiful inside and out and it shows. I have known her for over 15 years and she has always been classy. I listen to any advice she gives and I especially am listening to her comment about how people put less effort into the way that they look. She is definitely making me take a took at myself and hopefully I can put a little of her class back into my style. Thanks Robin!

  2. Celeste says:

    I just had the opportunity to see Robin at the Tubac Golf Resort in Arizona and she is truly a class act. From her own personal style to her bikini line ~ just beautiful. It was refreshing to meet someone who tells it like it is and guides you to the right style and fit for YOU.

  3. Marshall Rosenblum says:

    So classy!

  4. Tracy says:

    Gorgeous! Love the pattern and the dress is such a flattering cut for so many shapes. Love love love!

  5. Reanne says:

    Beautiful and elegant!

  6. James says:

    Looking good Robin.

  7. Alison S. says:

    Robin is a beautiful talented woman and I am glad to see her get some recognition. She is always “put together”. Gorgeous woman.

  8. Kristen says:

    Would love to have those gold heels! So elegant.

  9. Andrew Crawley says:

    If Robin notices people putting less effort into their dress in NYC, she’d be horrified by Indianapolis – and rightfully so! Robin is a fashion and entrepreneur innovator who should be given our full attention.

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