+  Edited and photographed by Iké Udé, author of Style File. Selected as one of Vanity Fair’s 2009, 2012 and 2015 International Best Dressed Originals.  +

special guest/GREGORY DELLICARPINI Jr.: talks about his 1st outfit. #1 in ten acts + with introduction




Gregory tend to employ clothes as ciphers of his very own artistic temperament and natural disposition.

For him, clothes and sundry accessories are used to forge that look of indeterminacy, the androgynous—that grey zone where no sartorial rules are etched in stone or obeyed verbatim. It is rather a subtle intervention, as it were.


A jacket worn without the benefit of a shirt or nothing else underneath softens its armor-like role. In direct contact with Gregory’s nude skin, the stiff masculinity of the jacket softens and in effect re-contextualizes the assigned gender role invested in menswear and clothing in general. It is precisely this inversion, this play with clothing as such that lovingly problematicizes, intrigues and excites.


Born in New York to Italian American parents, Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. love affair with fashion started from a young age. A graduate of Skidmore College, he trained in art history, art, and design. Having studied architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, he has always enjoyed creative industries that directly and indirectly influence style.


After assisting at Vogue, Gregory was offered a position to head up the fashion direction of Billboard.com and writes a column titled, The Hook.


Z!nk has also named Gregory DelliCarpini Jr., the new Fashion Editor of the magazine in a continued effort to transform and garnish the magazines image.


In addition, Gregory, a protean talent, is looking beyond the parameters of fashion and is exploring other creative industries such as the art world and is finishing his first oil paint series.


Starting with his  first outfit, a harmony in white and nude—garnished with flourishes of blue nail polish— savor his ten sartorial compositions and interview series in the coming days.



Thank you,

Iké  Udé /July 8th.
interviews/photographs: iké udé





a profile:




Astrological Sign:

Fashion Editor, Art Historian, Painter

New York City

Favorite color:

Favorite Fashion Designer:
Jean Paul Gaultier

Favorite Shoe/Accessories Designers:
Alexander McQueen and John Galliano 

Favorite Parfum:
Bond number 9 Bleeker st.

Favorite Stylish Films:
Lo sono l’amore, Orlando, Wizard of Oz

Favorite Hangouts:
Soho house, my bed, and the clouds

Favorite Place/s:
Florence, Paris, Montauk, and on a plane heading anywhere

Favorite Cocktail:

Who is your style icon?
The Macaroni—a group of flamboyant men from the 18th century.

What item of clothing would you rather starve for?
A gold crown of thorns

What is your overall impression of how people dress in general?
Many people think too much.

And what do you recommend that they do otherwise?
Don’t think just wear. Develop your own nonchalance.








What items did you use to compose this particular outfit?
Nude Theory Jacket
White Marc Jacob jeans
White Comme des Garcons Skull cut out shoes



How did you find the various items that you are wearing?
Randomly, much like everything in my life.



How did you arrive at the decision to compose such an outfit?
It is currently summer and I find whites and nudes to be quite delectable when parried together. I also just love wearing a blazer with nothing underneath.


Where do you normally shop for clothes and accessories? Barneys is my life. Every time I enter there I feel as though I am walking into a modern day fairytale. I’m also a huge fan of Topshop.



How much role does money or the lack thereof play in one’s endeavor to dress very smart or beautifully?
None at all. It does not take money to look great. Great style transcends monetary value any day of the week.



What special recommendation would you give somebody who admires your style but don’t know where or how to start?
Blend high and low. I love pairing sneakers with a suit or a great decent pair of shoes with jeans.




Name six famous personages—past or present—who you would invite over for dinner/drinks because of their impeccable individualistic elegance?
Marilyn Monroe
Madame de Pompadour
Virginia Woolf
Oscar Wilde
The Tin Man.



As a result of your style, what is your impression of how you are generally perceived in public?
I have toned down my style a bit over the years. I would just love people to feel inspired to try something new or spark an interest in fashion within them.



And how would rather the public perceive you?
However they like. I am open to interpretation.



Presently, what do you think accounts for the poor appearances in how people generally dress or don’t dress?
Perhaps lack of time or lack or interest in this wonderful art. Once a person becomes somewhat familiar with fashion they never go back.


In retrospect have you ever worn something that you now find particularly regrettable?
Everyday. I always look back at what I wore and think ‘what the fuck was that.’ But that’s fashion. It is a fleeting moment, a feeling, and emotion that will always change.



In the end, do you dress to:
a. please others
b. please yourself

hopefully be in agreement with everybody?
B! I dress to please myself.

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    truly great style

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    Far from a visionary, put away the thesaurus! Its a jacket, jeans and white shoes with holes…..

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    Career Discovery Summer Student or Masters student from HGSD?

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