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special guest/PATRICIA MEARS: talks about her 10th outfit. #10 in twelve acts





What items did you use to compose this particular outfit?
It is an ensemble composed of a light bronze silk satin robe and a gown made from flesh pink satin, black organza, and black grosgrain ribbon. Both pieces were designed and made by Jean Yu. She named the robe Townhouse, while the gown is entitled Deeper.

How did you arrive at the decision to compose such an outfit?
The robe was made for Jean’s Matters of Leisure line, while the gown was designed for her Atelier collection. The two garments just work so well together. It was a natural combination.

Did you compose this outfit spontaneously or was it planned ahead of time?
Jean suggested I wear them together. I have another robe by Jean, a version in black Loro Piana cashmere, and it too is great with the gown.

In a scale of 10, how pleased are you with this composition/outfit?
I would say a solid 9, in large part because the gown is so beautiful.

What roles do color, the fit, and integrity of fabric play in this particular outfit?
Fit is essential. Satin, the base fabric for the deeply cut halter and the skirt, is the most unforgiving material on the body. Plus, the entire back is exposed except for a crisscross of grosgrain ribbon. Jean had to measure everything in fractions of inches.

How soon would you repeat/wear this same outfit again?
I might wear the pieces only a few times per year, but do so with extreme pleasure. It is the most sensual ensemble I own.

There is perhaps a spiritual, emotional, intellectual or psychological aspect to what/how we dress. What is your personal experience in relation to this outfit?
The robe is meant to be worn at home while the gown is, well, an evening gown. However, I abstain from wearing both pieces in public. I am modest and the Deeper gown is very revealing. Although Jean customized the dress for me—creating an entirely new design in back—it fits perfectly and feels amazing, it seems more natural to wear it in the privacy of my own home.

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  1. richard says:

    wonderfull and very feminine outfit

  2. Palmer Hill says:

    Pure luxury. This is what modern at-home wear should be.

  3. gretchen says:

    Great photo! So serene and pearlescent. Really lovely.

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