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special guest/RICHARD MEYERSON: talks about his 5th outfit. #5 in seven acts





 What items did you use to compose this particular outfit?
Jacket:  Boglioni
Pants:   Domiani
Pochette:  B.Cuccineli
Tie:        Boggi
Scarf:     Etro
Shoes:    Shipton, London
Attaché-case:    Stolen from a good store

How did you arrive at the decision to compose such an outfit?
I like to wear these colors; they are my favorite. I feel very comfortable in this outfit and I feel that it speaks for me. In fact, I  have this very outfit in the same colors but with pieces in 3 different  fabrics for different seasons.

Did you compose this outfit spontaneously or was it planned ahead of time? This a typical outfit for me. It can be worn in different seasons and like I said, these colors and this fit suits my taste and my daily life.

In a scale of 10, how pleased are you with this composition/outfit? 
What roles do color, the fit, and integrity of fabric play in this particular outfit? 

Very important; I like to keep the colors simple, but added a touch of polka dot  to add a personal touch.

The jacket’s fabric plays a particularly important role in making this outfit unique. It is very special—made of a washed cashmere knit and without lining. It is a completely deconstructed garment.

How soon would you repeat/wear this same outfit again?
Today, tomorrow, anytime I can…I’m wearing it right now actually.

There is perhaps a spiritual, emotional, intellectual or psychological aspect to what/how we dress. What is your personal experience in relation to this outfit?
Yes, it is a direct reflection of who I am: simple, pleasant  and tasteful.

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22 Responses to special guest/RICHARD MEYERSON: talks about his 5th outfit. #5 in seven acts

  1. SARAH GROSS says:

    Just a perfect balance of colors, a chic everyday outfit,

  2. Jessica says:

    Best outfit yet!

  3. Jess says:


  4. nicholas says:

    wonderful classic sensability yet very edgy and fashion forward. The Meyerson fellow exudes confidence of self and place.

  5. Song says:

    Bravo! Mr. Meyerson has the special taste about color and always make himself feel comfortable. That’s a kind of love of life.

  6. ghurron briscoe says:

    ” Timing is essential for Urbanite Richard Meyerson dashing smile.” Dandy G. Briscoe

  7. grace says:

    there is no doubt, Richard has such a good taste.
    why does he never speak about socks? they are important and, if wrong, could kill a man’s outfit. Not Richard, of course. But, in this case, may I suggest a different color, perhaps a little bit crazy?

  8. grace says:

    Yes, I was talking about ankle socks, but, halas, many men ( NOT Richard, never) wear bobby socks … Terrible, disgusting, isn’it?

  9. LANA says:

    PERFECTION!!!! Extremely coordinated and original!!! The color is all personality and individuality. Capital H- HOT!!! Only the best to my dearest friend, Monsieur Richay Meyerson!!!!!!!

  10. Florence says:

    Elegant and well put together…La “pochette” make it different and as we know always add a little plus to the jacket. The nice smile and laughing eyes of Richard make the picture very special!

  11. jean jacques says:

    c’est de mieux en mieux! que va donner la 7 E PHOTO

  12. Oh says:

    Looks very comfortable and natural…but unique. I like all colors.

  13. Olga says:

    bon chic bon genre. bravo!

  14. clojo says:

    looooove le foulard. classy as always, rich.

  15. the combination of the jacket with the pants, is a perfectly match , of course the best of Mr Meyerson, is how he put together all the accessories , and colors so perfect for the season, i love it ,
    perfect combination and great scarf ,, the shoe winch is my favorite part , i haven’t see a man with perfect taste in all ,, he is winner outfit .
    as well he always carries his self , impeccable and delighted to the eyes.
    in the world of fashion he just feet right , elegant charm , congratulations , great outfit,
    and by the way , the socks is the right match just simple a plan color bring up the shoe right , keep that as a complement

  16. tutte le combinazone del vestido e perfetto ovidio non e un dettaglio , per vedere il signor vestito Meyerson e una delizia per gli occhi , il colore della giacca e pantaloni perfetto , in gusto squisito e particolarmente scarpe , design classico ed elegante , perfetto stile europeo , molto speciale,
    complimente , mi piace tutto perfetto .

  17. hay solo dos formas de expresar el talento de Mr. Meyerson , perfecto , y impecable , un gusto a al moda francesa con una perfecta conbination , todo lo integra con una forma de ser el , su personalidad refleja su gusto al igual , su manera de ser , sencillo , muy humano , con un talento maravilloso , perfecta conbination de colores , y accesories , todo lo pone perfecto es un placer para la vista , ver un hombre con una perfeccion maravillosa en su forma de vestir , siempre con mucha elegancia y clase ,

  18. Bernard says:

    a very understated elegance: the true elegance

  19. Bernard says:

    an understated elegance: the true elegance

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