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special guest/ROBIN ASHFORD MACY: talks about her 4th outfit. #4 in five acts



What items did you use to compose this particular outfit?
I chose a vintage silk print scarf, white long sleeve blouse with lace all along the edge’s,  pale yellow pant, Nicole Farhi wooden shoes and
a blood red crocodile handbag with a dark green silk scarf draped outside of the handbag.

How did you arrive at the decision to compose such an outfit?
It started with the blouse.  I didn’t want to dress up the blouse, so I decided to tone it down with a pair of pale yellow jeans and
wooden heels by Nicole Farhi.  I felt like something was missing that is when I added the vintage silk scarf.

Did you compose this outfit spontaneously or was it planned ahead of time?

In a scale of 10, how pleased are you with this composition/outfit?
I loved this look!  It was a bit different than my everyday look. A bit more of a French flare…or so I felt like it was.

What roles do color, the fit and integrity of fabric play in this particular outfit?
Soft, pale colors with a burst of strong, vivid colors with the handbag/scarf—was my favorite.  Lace, silk, cotton, wood and a crocodile print is an interesting combination that worked extremely well together.

How soon would you repeat/wear this same outfit again?  
I probably won’t repeat this outfit again.  It was very spontaneous, so sometimes it just doesn’t feel right doing the same look.  I would change the top next time with a different bag.

Personally, I firmly believe that there is a spiritual, emotional, intellectual or psychological aspect to what/how we dress. What is your personal experience in relation to this outfit?    
I was meeting a friend of mine from Spain for lunch downtown.  This ensemble gave me that French flare/downtown look.  I think it was the scarf that tied the whole look together…or maybe the red croc-tote but for some reason many people noticed this outfit.  Although what made me feel really good were the shoes my Nicole Farhi… I LOVE THEM!!

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4 Responses to special guest/ROBIN ASHFORD MACY: talks about her 4th outfit. #4 in five acts

  1. Susana says:

    We are proud of our small town girl. Her sense of fashion is wonderful and inspiring!

  2. Ana says:

    Again Robin looks flawless!! I can’t wait to see her style tomorrow…

  3. ghurron briscoe says:

    beautiful with time & heritage in mind; Thoughts of Robin Ashford Macy. -ghurron

  4. Alison S. says:

    Beautiful. Chic and classy. Robin your spontaneous put together looks are great.

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