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special guest/SOMERS FARKAS: talks about her 4th outfit. #4 in six acts





What items did you use to compose this particular outfit?
As was the floor-length cashmere coat, the catsuit of cozy virgin wool jersey, was custom designed for me by a dear young lady named Dalila Anderson, for ARCTIC ROSE.  The boots, designed and made by Mr. Blahnik.

How did you arrive at the decision to compose such an outfit?
This outfit is a favorite…dramatic yet easy and comfortable to wear.  Though not always suitable for artists, a black catsuit is a perfect canvas for fashion.

Did you compose this outfit spontaneously or was it planned ahead of time? 
Spontaneously! I literally stepped into the catsuit and Manolo’s, and asked my body what it felt like putting on next.  This outfit is a divine convenience in the cold months.

In a scale of 10, how pleased are you with this composition/outfit?
A 9. Convenience and comfort are key with outfits.

What roles do color, the fit, and integrity of fabric play in this particular outfit?
Because the herringbone fabric is monochromatic, it gives the piece a subtle texture and depth while still being black and chic.  The red silk lining peeks through for a dramatic effect, and though not evident in the picture, the coat also carries a sash—reversible to expose the red silk of the lining. The sash is a signature of ARCTIC ROSE, which Dalilia has chosen to shape her coats with a chic, classic line based on a kimono – allowing an elegant, regal ease, akin to a queen accepting her audience at home.

For the catsuit, fit is extraordinarily important; the fabric enables the fit. I wanted a second skin – cozy, to hug the body without being too tight, bulky or itchy. The soft virgin wool gives with every movement and keeps me warm.

How soon would you repeat/wear this same outfit again?
Depending on my calendar—perhaps once a week – perfect for those days I am running late, and must be “camera ready” in 5 minutes!

There is perhaps a spiritual, emotional, intellectual or psychological aspect to the what/how we dress. What is your personal experience in relation to this outfit?  I am often timid with color, and abhor loudness but confident in my preference for earth, quiet tones….browns, camels, crèmes, navies and blacks…the red lining of the coat displays a bold confidence while the demur gathered shawl collar lends a regal appearance.  Similar to Mother’s advice: walk softly and carry a strong stick!

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  1. jean says:

    Your beauty and perfect style shine through in this photo and all the others!

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