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special guest/VOON CHEW: talks about his 12th outfit. #12 in twelve acts






What items did you use to compose this particular outfit?
1940s H.R. Macy labeled wool robe
1920s collarless striped shirt
Linen pants
1930s breakfast tray
1920s lusterware teapot with stackable cream and sugar bowls
Vintage 3-tiered porcelain food tray
Vintage periodicals including Better Homes & Gardens and American Home from 1920s/30s.
Kelly Wearstler’s for Sferra bedding
In hand, Brooklyn Museum: Youth & Beauty: Art Of The American Twenties catalog


How did you arrive at the decision to compose such an outfit?
It is uncharacteristic of me to dine in bed, but I thought it would be fun to make pretend I’m vacationing in a Bed and Breakfast or rather, a Breakfast IN Bed tucked on a quiet street in Paris. Actually the last time I DID have breakfast in bed was in Paris in 1998! The most delicious and flaky croissants I still recall.


Did you compose this outfit spontaneously or was it planned ahead of time?
The unusual robe was a great find. It fits perfectly and has this unusual trench-coat like design with giant buttons. The killer-detail is the art-deco fringe tassels on the ends of the robe belt.


In a scale of 1 to 10, how pleased are you with this composition/outfit?
It’s definitely a luxurious fantasy. It would be even more perfect if there was a plate of gingerbread pancakes with pumpkin butter waiting for me.


What roles do color, the fit, and integrity of fabric play in this particular outfit?
The dark royal blue of the robe is incredibly striking, and the white buttons definitely stand out more because of it. It’s almost expected for robes to feel more roomy, so for this to fit so well was an added bonus.


How soon would you repeat/wear this same outfit again?
The robe is elegant and presentable even to run down the hall for laundry or to pick up the mail in the lobby.  

There is perhaps a spiritual, emotional, intellectual or psychological aspect to the what/how we dress. What is your personal experience in relation to this outfit?
On this particular morning, I decided to treat myself to breakfast in bed, which in itself is a miracle. Another miracle was winning the Best 1920s Costume (alongside Michael Haar) for the Youth & Beauty: Art of the American Twenties) contest organized by the Brooklyn Museum. In this picture I’m flipping through the exhibition catalog, which they so graciously sent to me as a prize. 


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8 Responses to special guest/VOON CHEW: talks about his 12th outfit. #12 in twelve acts

  1. Makaga says:

    That looks great, Voon!

  2. Elaine says:

    So cute! We need a tea party so we can enjoy that lovely tea pot!
    Every day, I’ve enjoyed your new outfits and been thrilled with all of your ensembles. Bravo Voonie.

    • Voon says:

      Thank Elaine! That sounds like a fantastic idea! Except, instead of pretend tea-time with dolls we have you as a beautiful living doll!

  3. Heidi says:

    Oh, the robe! I remember your debate over that, am so pleased you are sharing it here. What a lovely composition…

  4. Patricia Mears says:

    Voon is remarkable. In our visually dispirited age where most either pay no attention to dress or are fashion victims, this gentleman is an inspiration. He is the personification of the original and creative art of self styling. Viva Voon!

  5. ghurron briscoe says:

    Dandy Ghurron Briscoe likes Ms.Meaars comment on. Voon Chew.

  6. ghurron briscoe says:

    The beauty of the chic index is doing it in the light via Voon Chew! Dandy (ghurron briscoe’)

  7. jean says:

    Your inner beauty is reflected in your great style.

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