+  Edited and photographed by Iké Udé, author of Style File. Selected as one of Vanity Fair’s 2009, 2012 and 2015 International Best Dressed Originals.  +

[submitted photo/interview] CHARLOTTE DYMOCK: london calling with the quintessence of classy chic

Charlotte Dymock


Age: 31

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Residence: London

Favorite Color: Red and Pink

Profession: Entrepreneur

Favorite Fashion Designer: Travilla

Favorite Shoe Designer: Christian Louboutin

Favorite Acessories Designer: Me

Favorite Parfum/Cologne:: Chanel Chance

Favorite Stylish Film: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Favorite Hangout: The local antique shop

Favorite Cocktail: Strawberry Daiquiri

Who is your style icon? Brigitte Bardot ca. 1950s-1965

What item of clothing would you starve for? An early 40s novelty print rayon crepe tea dress

What’s your impression of how others dress?
The World at Large puts very little effort into the way they dress. While jeans have their place, it’s a shame that they now seem to be all anyone wears (besides leggings, and don’t get me started on them). It’s just laziness.

What do you recommend they do otherwise?
Gain an awareness of proper fit and tailoring.




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